Dog Wash Car Dalmatian

Thursday, March 22nd 2012. | Car Town Template, Truck
 Dog Wash Car Dalmatian

Dog Wash Car Dalmatian is a special template created for the car Dog Wash Car an included at Car Town on Facebook, Dog Wash Car is very much liked by the players car town, but because it is free but there are many players Dog Wash Car likes to this Car Town, to increase the amount of variation template of Dog Wash Car an located in the Car Town game so we made this template Dog Wash Car which we named the Dalmatian dog car Wash, we created a special template with a car theme dalmatian dog and deserves to be fair if we give the name Dog Wash Car Dalmatian.

Dog Wash Car Dalmatian

Dog Wash Dalmatian Template, are Specification of template dog wash car dalmatian : Dog Wash is a very special car in Car Town, and will become even more special again with this Dalmatian Template.

Car Town Template Dog Wash Car Dog Wash Car Dalmatian

Car Town Template Dog Wash Car

Decals sponsored on the car : tuned by Dalmatian

Specification of Dog Wash Car Dalmatian :

Year: 1997
Make: Car Town
Model: Dog Wash Car
Part of a collection? No
Class: D
Starting power: 200
Fully upgraded power: 540
Number of color choices: No
Body Kits available? No
First added to CT: ~~

Special Thanks to Hadi Krismansyah

Car Town Template Dog Car Wash is custom made and very detailed , very similar Dalmatian dog, we believe for those of you who like dogs, would also be interested in these Car Town Template, don’t forget to tell your friends help us, immediately like and share this template. Download free Car Town Templates Dog Wash Car Dalmatian.

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